Eid mehndi and bangles are important for Muslim women. Because they are banned to abrasion absolute clothes, application mehndi and bangles ensures them that they will be admirable for Eid and any added important events. The use of chestnut or mehndi by Prophet Muhammad ensured its abode in history and its accepting and accepting a part of Muslims. In Arabic speaking countries such as Morocco, and some added countries in South Asia like Pakistan, best-eid-mehndi-design-for-girls-2012,India and Bangladesh, it is activated on any appropriate break as like eid.




  1. Rana says:

    Great discussion guys! A cloupe points here from the vegetarian of over 3 years You actually can get all and more of the essential nutrients in a vegetarian diet. In fact, many vegetarians would argue that although meat is high in many proteins etc, it is also high in certain bacteria, hormones and other non-pleasant things for the body. Certainly an excess of meat is in fact quite damaging to a healthy body.The human body has the internal system of a herbivore, many estimates say up to an 80/20 rule, 80 being veg and 20% being non-veg. This gives us the capabilities to be incredibly flexible with our diet. However, like any fuel, what you put in your body ultimately becomes you. The better the fuel, the better the body. (Even apes have canine teeth, and they are strict vegetarians).On the issue of Halal, many people see the very basic definition of qurbani being performed. However, Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), was very much compassionate to animals, and was very outspoken against any unnecessary harm or death be brought to animals. Additionally, modern day practices are very traumatic for animals, not only that they are filled with antibiotics and hormones that get carried on to the consumer, and many would argue that unless you can assure the animal is treated with dignity and respect along with the rite of qurbani, it is haram to eat its meat. This poses a very strong issue for meat producers who are trying to feed the word and cut corners by using factory farms, and automated forms of qurbani.Which brings me to Eid-ul-Adha, which has become a festival of slaughter instead of a festival of sacrifice. People who post pictures of decapitated animals truly show no compassion for the animal who sacrificed its life for you. In addition, many traditions of old are not adhered to, people compete to have the most bakra, the most cows, etc. How can that be a sacrifice if you seek reward from society, when the festival is to seek reward from Allah? My personal opinion is that people should know exactly where their meat comes from, or even better, if possible to sacrifice the animal yourself. We need to maintain our compassion and realize that these are living beings of Allah’s creations, and not toys which we can abuse. Eid-ul-adha is a reminder of that, yet how many pause to think that? So I encourage people to connect with their food, give thanks to the animal that gave its life for you. My own perspective is a strict compassion towards life (wont even kill a spider unnecessarily), and creating the optimum conditions for the body. However, I see no reason for everyone to seek the same goal I do. I just hope people become more conscious of the decisions they make, and not take things for granted, especially when it comes to life. (even a tiger wouldn’t kill unnecessarily, it only kills what it eats).

  2. etechcrunch says:

    Great mehndi designs..love that…www.etechcrunch.com

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